My practice is centred around crude images from pornographic magazines, aiming to immerse people in a world where nudity is an extension of life. Using oil paints and digital design, I explore skin tones with primary colours. Inspired by Maria Lassnig’s playful colour exploration, and Motoko Ishibashi’s use of humour and sexualisation. This is where I find enthusiasm and encouragement for curating my work.

It might be easy to look at my work and only see these pornographic
images; however, this ignores the idea that these people can be more than just naked figures. My work denies the reduction of women and non-binary individuals to mere naked figures. Advocating for a carefree space of freedom. Challenging simplistic views on sexuality.

I extend these ideals to animation, where I bring my characters to life within short clips and digital illustrations. Using Photoshop and
Procreate I work to differentiate my style from my paintings while working on the same overall concept.

Moreover, I use these practices in an art and music events collective titled Brakery. A space where events celebrate the importance of artists and musicians together. Here I help curate set design and illustrate posters, bringing modern day art into the late night music scene.

Overall, with my practice within animation, illustration and painting, I will always challenge myself and push to develop my work.